Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Marketing Teachers Do and Don't Tell You

there are some issues that concern me. And the main one is most marketers just don't meet you at your skill level. They are teaching the wrong thing to the right people at the wrong time. Confused? Thoroughly you say? Great... I'll explain.

They may tell you that the most important thing to study is advertising or copy writing or list building - but no - they don't tell you what they actually learned that made all that step 2 stuff soooooooo effective.

Communication- that is what they know and what they don't tell you to study. They tell you to buy their software or use their lead source. They might not even realize that important skill they might have just acquired naturally.

And that's the biggest contributer to your future success, good communication skills will give you the upper hand when it come to doing other important tasks like:

- writing ads

- mastering salesmanship

- direct sales

- team building

- training affiliates

These gurus are playing of your own dismissive and anti-social behaviors. Making you the invisible business person. Which is great for the guru. Less competition in the branding fields.

I am here to tell you, if you want to build real wealth, don't do what they teach, instead do what they do.

Now that you know what to study:)

Here's what to do:

Something... That's it... do Something everyday.

EVERYDAY is the keyword here.

A home business, if your taking it seriously is not about laying around and getting rich. It just doesn't happen that way unless you get some serious leverage... and how does That happen you ask.

See step one - Communication.

Get it, You don't have to do all the work yourself on a project IF you can effectively communicate your project to find partners at seminars and events.

Again working for yourself, regardless of how you advertise is based on your ability to self educate and rely on you human sense of adventure and exploration.

Keeping your business alive is dependant on your own ability to find new ways to advertise and promote and sell.

But remember to have a good lead capture system and tracking in place. So you can see where your efforts have paid off. And get a refund on advertisers that are full of it – if you know what I mean.

That’s it and that’s all for today. Just to my 2 cents on what the reality of making money online is all about.

for more videos on advertising and tracking for your online endeavors Stay tuned... and remember to stay social ;) caio.