Friday, October 24, 2008

Five Tips and Tweaks to Better Human Business

It's being hailed as the return to low tech.

The ultimate in simplification.

In the long run - wealth is not created without a plan or strategy...

The good news?

A great game plan is not that difficult to find when it comes to finding short and long term wealth.

And small business is in the top 4 ownership investments.

This article is aimed specifically at those who own or are interested in running a successful small business online. (An internet business)

So first lets take a minute and assess your business's "human factor"

Question: How many steps are there between you and your customers and clients?

…and one more...

Question: How many of those customers and clients buy from you more then once?

That brings us to tweak #1 in "humanizing" your website.

Most users and readers online are absolutely preoccupied with their own lives - but lets just say they show up ready to buy.

#1. Let the sole purpose of your website be to capture leads, then feed them into a single purpose sales letter.

*Often, humans get distracted by way too many options - and either get bored, tired, or lost. Keep. It. Simple. *

#2. Give to gain. Giving something of value-including information and time, increases response.

Here's the crush:

- Email deliverability issues keep your offers from getting through.

- Improperly formatted paper mail is proven to be dumped in mass by disgruntled mailmen. *There's a trick to getting mail through, ask me sometime*

#3. If and when possible - print, write on, and mail your message to prospects and clients.

A virtual opt-in converts higher when followed by a personal paper message.

#4. Build a follow up process that includes multiple steps and multiple forms of contact.

This includes Email, Phone, Paper Messages, and don't count out the priority given to fax messages.

…and finally...

#5. Be Prepared and don't fear selling.

If you are genuinely interested in improving the quality of your customers or clients life - AND believe firmly that your product or service can do that...

Then you are coming from a place of genuine human interest and I promise you - that radiates in everything you do.

Skye Mangrum author of "Social Marketing" is 7 years stong in the land of business and advertising. She works from home full-time with her 3 children. After writing and planning with some of the biggest names in internet marketing today from Joe Vitale to Mark Joyner - she has stepped forward to manage and grow a "humanity in mind" adverting agency.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Little History in the Virtual Community

The first of a few different parts ;)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How to Use Twitter

Just a short flick I put together expounding a bit on what was in my last book. I did a ton of research and decided to add more details for those of you keeping up with the blog.

Thanks for reading, you rock!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm excited :)

Ok, a little back story. I'm a student of the universe, and marketing. I love it, I follow it, and I love to share what works.

I started my first blog years ago to post poetry as a side project to my marketing. After a hopeless addition to social media and networking sites over the following years. I figured - there's got to be some way i can tailor all my customizing to be more aligned with my marketing alter ego.

I love the idea of networking through the social sites. Ever since the good ole days of comment exchange and genuine back-linking. The internet social sites are built on opinions and exchanges with virtual friendships.

I've also gotten replies from not only my favorite gurus, but my favorite best-selling authors just using myspace.

There's a way to use these sites to your advantage and get a positive response...

But on the other hand, if you approach it the wrong way, or compose your offer like a mass advertisement, you will get one #$%% of a thrashing :)

If you've spent anytime on forums, you know the difference in feedback wit proper "framing"

Consider it your introduction, making a real connection - make a sale and you get a sale, make a friendship and you have a customer for life ;)

So, I compiled everything I learned into a 55 page book of do's and don'ts when it comes to the different sites TOS, functions, and following.

Because it's the people that make up these sites, but if you don't adhere to the right guidelines first -- you never reach the eyes.

My husband J wrote a fantastic letter for it, and if you haven't seen it yet you can check it out here:

and you can look forward to some new customizing videos on this very blog.

May thanks, and if you take a look and like the book -- hey, add me. I love real friends.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Marketing Teachers Do and Don't Tell You

there are some issues that concern me. And the main one is most marketers just don't meet you at your skill level. They are teaching the wrong thing to the right people at the wrong time. Confused? Thoroughly you say? Great... I'll explain.

They may tell you that the most important thing to study is advertising or copy writing or list building - but no - they don't tell you what they actually learned that made all that step 2 stuff soooooooo effective.

Communication- that is what they know and what they don't tell you to study. They tell you to buy their software or use their lead source. They might not even realize that important skill they might have just acquired naturally.

And that's the biggest contributer to your future success, good communication skills will give you the upper hand when it come to doing other important tasks like:

- writing ads

- mastering salesmanship

- direct sales

- team building

- training affiliates

These gurus are playing of your own dismissive and anti-social behaviors. Making you the invisible business person. Which is great for the guru. Less competition in the branding fields.

I am here to tell you, if you want to build real wealth, don't do what they teach, instead do what they do.

Now that you know what to study:)

Here's what to do:

Something... That's it... do Something everyday.

EVERYDAY is the keyword here.

A home business, if your taking it seriously is not about laying around and getting rich. It just doesn't happen that way unless you get some serious leverage... and how does That happen you ask.

See step one - Communication.

Get it, You don't have to do all the work yourself on a project IF you can effectively communicate your project to find partners at seminars and events.

Again working for yourself, regardless of how you advertise is based on your ability to self educate and rely on you human sense of adventure and exploration.

Keeping your business alive is dependant on your own ability to find new ways to advertise and promote and sell.

But remember to have a good lead capture system and tracking in place. So you can see where your efforts have paid off. And get a refund on advertisers that are full of it – if you know what I mean.

That’s it and that’s all for today. Just to my 2 cents on what the reality of making money online is all about.

for more videos on advertising and tracking for your online endeavors Stay tuned... and remember to stay social ;) caio.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Clickbank Anyone?

Alright :)

I am going to preface this video with a little expo:

One of the high ticket businesses I take to market is Passport to Wealth, I use it, I love, it makes money... but you don't have to take my work for it - "google it", "youtube it"- observe the bling-clad wonders of marketing - anyway.

For my friends that want to make money from home using the computer, but for their own reasons are not ready for PPTW I made a little video.

This is how i got started making money online years ago, and still do really :)

There are marketers now, big marketers that make serious cash using Clickbank.

So take a look, i go into a little about how you can monitize using your social sites, so IT IS TOO RELEVANT! :) Enjoy...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Tracking with Analytics :)

Hope you guys like the short video -it walks you through putting some tracking code on the easiest site ever - a blog!

So enjoy.

P.S. As an extra note there are 2 types of code you can paste on your site, one has more features, but since we are K.I.S.S-en here (Keeping It Simple Stupid)I went with the simplest one :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Social Media Marketing? Fear of Loss vs Self Interest Advertising

Ok, I'm gonna invite you to test something for yourself.

If your going about your marketing the right way -

What's the right way you ask?

Why testing and tracking of course, silly... :)

Well, just to start you should at least be testing where your visitors are coming from, how many visitors you have to your sites, and how long they stay on your sites.

And if your really a sticky stickler, you can also keep an eye on where the visitors are actually going on your site.

anyway here's a link to a great author i like to bookmark. Hush Hush now ;)

Well, i guess Social Media Optimization is no secret, what's that you say?

You didn't know about google analytics, i really took the site for granted too until a couple weeks ago.

I've been part of the Social Networks for some time but i never put it all together.

I just saw social media as separate from my marketing efforts, -as just an expression of my creativity. That was it, with sites like my Naked Superstar Poetry - which started as an experiment in keywords and blogs.

Totally another story, so lets get back to todays topic.

Everyone in marketing is familiar with the undeniable fact that pain sells.

Fear of Loss, the OMG your loosing your house, you could loose your job tomorrow, your wife will leave you if you don't buy this product, take this test drive, or sign up now before its too late.

I will raise - to you advertisers that get by on this strategy - to test a more noble approach to motivate action in prospects.

Ok that's a ton of marketing lingo i know.

But what i am talking about here is what motivates someone to take action based on your advertising - especially in a social medium. :)

So we are pretty clear on the "fear of loss" approach you see it everyday, everywhere.

- and no wonder, it works. But are you willing to take a challenge to achieve greater results. Got your attention now huh?

One of the great old heads of masterful marketing and advertising, Bruce Barton, had some fantastic ideals and methods to his ads.

Mainly Sincerity, sincerity, sincerity.

He came from a place - first of supporting and believing in every product he wrote advertising for, that even includes the presidential speeches he wrote.

But I'm getting off topic.

He also believed that you could sell useing this tactic.

Challenge your reader without insulting them :)

Now let me explain a little about the "self interest" angle. We have all heard of the "favorite radio station" right? WIIFM? If you haven't this must be your first stop on a page with marketing in the title - and in that case - welcome to our exciting world!

Moving on, this is where "self interest" comes into play.

They are ads tailored to what's in it for the buyer like "and extra $200 a day for life, younger, smoother skin, more time with the family, a better life and a guaranteed early retirement...

Ho-k, so basically we have a "what's in it for your benefit" vs "what you can lose"

That's the challenge, short and sweet. I would love to hear about your results in a split test campaign. You can email me at:

or you can post it as a comment, either way, you rock!

Live in Greatness

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Men who "know it all" need not read on-

We, the people of the virtual world are entering a new era of life on the web, a new wave in communication and marketing. The Social era, the evolution into 2.0 user based information sharing and technology.

We are creating - not only the content, but the way it is viewed, delivered, stored and shared. The great shift has occured and the power is now in the peoples hands - well mostly, there are still the big wigs out there with hired departments to keep up with what most of us do everyday.

We are the bloggers, the pingers, the stublin fools, the beboer, and the squidooies. Up in arms with the strength of millions of words - spreading the truth through all of our new social media mediums.

Looking over the stats, the numbers among our social ranks are staggering. - and those of you bright internet marketers out there are morphing into a strange new breed.

I would not be the first to coin it social marketing, which was originally defined as something totally different- but so close to our grasp we can attain.

The suggestion has been made that we also support the original sense of the term social marketing. Using our social media effort in an integrated agenda to better the world with our marketing.

It can be done, and it will not take away from anyones hard earned internet income. We can change the world through its people. One smiling profile pic at a time and also by the thousands. Make your friends, posts, comments, uploads and file sharing count, send a message, and find a way to improve lives with less then the time it takes to check a facebook profile.

Keep your eye out for more material from me, I am going to find a way...

An automated way to improve the world through marketing, social marketing, and I am gonna show you easy ways you can do it too.

And, it should be as easy as adding a song to your profile ;)

-if you don't know how to do that, no worries - I'll make you a video

Welcome to the Social Evolution

Isn't this exciting, i know we shall all be fast friends :)