Friday, October 24, 2008

Five Tips and Tweaks to Better Human Business

It's being hailed as the return to low tech.

The ultimate in simplification.

In the long run - wealth is not created without a plan or strategy...

The good news?

A great game plan is not that difficult to find when it comes to finding short and long term wealth.

And small business is in the top 4 ownership investments.

This article is aimed specifically at those who own or are interested in running a successful small business online. (An internet business)

So first lets take a minute and assess your business's "human factor"

Question: How many steps are there between you and your customers and clients?

…and one more...

Question: How many of those customers and clients buy from you more then once?

That brings us to tweak #1 in "humanizing" your website.

Most users and readers online are absolutely preoccupied with their own lives - but lets just say they show up ready to buy.

#1. Let the sole purpose of your website be to capture leads, then feed them into a single purpose sales letter.

*Often, humans get distracted by way too many options - and either get bored, tired, or lost. Keep. It. Simple. *

#2. Give to gain. Giving something of value-including information and time, increases response.

Here's the crush:

- Email deliverability issues keep your offers from getting through.

- Improperly formatted paper mail is proven to be dumped in mass by disgruntled mailmen. *There's a trick to getting mail through, ask me sometime*

#3. If and when possible - print, write on, and mail your message to prospects and clients.

A virtual opt-in converts higher when followed by a personal paper message.

#4. Build a follow up process that includes multiple steps and multiple forms of contact.

This includes Email, Phone, Paper Messages, and don't count out the priority given to fax messages.

…and finally...

#5. Be Prepared and don't fear selling.

If you are genuinely interested in improving the quality of your customers or clients life - AND believe firmly that your product or service can do that...

Then you are coming from a place of genuine human interest and I promise you - that radiates in everything you do.

Skye Mangrum author of "Social Marketing" is 7 years stong in the land of business and advertising. She works from home full-time with her 3 children. After writing and planning with some of the biggest names in internet marketing today from Joe Vitale to Mark Joyner - she has stepped forward to manage and grow a "humanity in mind" adverting agency.


Iago de Otto said...

It must be the Law of Attraction.

There I was, mindlessly clicking away through the plethora of The List Auction emails accumulated in that particular Gmail account to gather "points" intended for eventually promoting my own gig, and suddenly do I espy an email from one Jason Mangrum entitled appropriately enough, "Internet marketing effects your health?", followed immediately by yet another The List Auction email with the same title. Upon clicking on that baby I am then led to Skye Mangrum's Blogspot weblog. Coincidence? Perhaps, if one considers the Law of Attraction to be the source of the incidence of such. Ha ha.

At least I think that's what happened. But there was some grappa interference, I must admit.

Skye, it is always a joy to encounter your wit and writing upon my Net travels. You do have a certain style of expression, one that I admire. Hugs and kisses to you and J and yourse chiles.

Doug in Taiwan

Iago de Otto said...

And that pic at the top of the page is quite . . . words fail me, but I'll venture . . . evocative. Persuasive, even.