Friday, January 18, 2008

Social Media Marketing? Fear of Loss vs Self Interest Advertising

Ok, I'm gonna invite you to test something for yourself.

If your going about your marketing the right way -

What's the right way you ask?

Why testing and tracking of course, silly... :)

Well, just to start you should at least be testing where your visitors are coming from, how many visitors you have to your sites, and how long they stay on your sites.

And if your really a sticky stickler, you can also keep an eye on where the visitors are actually going on your site.

anyway here's a link to a great author i like to bookmark. Hush Hush now ;)

Well, i guess Social Media Optimization is no secret, what's that you say?

You didn't know about google analytics, i really took the site for granted too until a couple weeks ago.

I've been part of the Social Networks for some time but i never put it all together.

I just saw social media as separate from my marketing efforts, -as just an expression of my creativity. That was it, with sites like my Naked Superstar Poetry - which started as an experiment in keywords and blogs.

Totally another story, so lets get back to todays topic.

Everyone in marketing is familiar with the undeniable fact that pain sells.

Fear of Loss, the OMG your loosing your house, you could loose your job tomorrow, your wife will leave you if you don't buy this product, take this test drive, or sign up now before its too late.

I will raise - to you advertisers that get by on this strategy - to test a more noble approach to motivate action in prospects.

Ok that's a ton of marketing lingo i know.

But what i am talking about here is what motivates someone to take action based on your advertising - especially in a social medium. :)

So we are pretty clear on the "fear of loss" approach you see it everyday, everywhere.

- and no wonder, it works. But are you willing to take a challenge to achieve greater results. Got your attention now huh?

One of the great old heads of masterful marketing and advertising, Bruce Barton, had some fantastic ideals and methods to his ads.

Mainly Sincerity, sincerity, sincerity.

He came from a place - first of supporting and believing in every product he wrote advertising for, that even includes the presidential speeches he wrote.

But I'm getting off topic.

He also believed that you could sell useing this tactic.

Challenge your reader without insulting them :)

Now let me explain a little about the "self interest" angle. We have all heard of the "favorite radio station" right? WIIFM? If you haven't this must be your first stop on a page with marketing in the title - and in that case - welcome to our exciting world!

Moving on, this is where "self interest" comes into play.

They are ads tailored to what's in it for the buyer like "and extra $200 a day for life, younger, smoother skin, more time with the family, a better life and a guaranteed early retirement...

Ho-k, so basically we have a "what's in it for your benefit" vs "what you can lose"

That's the challenge, short and sweet. I would love to hear about your results in a split test campaign. You can email me at:

or you can post it as a comment, either way, you rock!

Live in Greatness

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Men who "know it all" need not read on-

We, the people of the virtual world are entering a new era of life on the web, a new wave in communication and marketing. The Social era, the evolution into 2.0 user based information sharing and technology.

We are creating - not only the content, but the way it is viewed, delivered, stored and shared. The great shift has occured and the power is now in the peoples hands - well mostly, there are still the big wigs out there with hired departments to keep up with what most of us do everyday.

We are the bloggers, the pingers, the stublin fools, the beboer, and the squidooies. Up in arms with the strength of millions of words - spreading the truth through all of our new social media mediums.

Looking over the stats, the numbers among our social ranks are staggering. - and those of you bright internet marketers out there are morphing into a strange new breed.

I would not be the first to coin it social marketing, which was originally defined as something totally different- but so close to our grasp we can attain.

The suggestion has been made that we also support the original sense of the term social marketing. Using our social media effort in an integrated agenda to better the world with our marketing.

It can be done, and it will not take away from anyones hard earned internet income. We can change the world through its people. One smiling profile pic at a time and also by the thousands. Make your friends, posts, comments, uploads and file sharing count, send a message, and find a way to improve lives with less then the time it takes to check a facebook profile.

Keep your eye out for more material from me, I am going to find a way...

An automated way to improve the world through marketing, social marketing, and I am gonna show you easy ways you can do it too.

And, it should be as easy as adding a song to your profile ;)

-if you don't know how to do that, no worries - I'll make you a video

Welcome to the Social Evolution

Isn't this exciting, i know we shall all be fast friends :)