Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Men who "know it all" need not read on-

We, the people of the virtual world are entering a new era of life on the web, a new wave in communication and marketing. The Social era, the evolution into 2.0 user based information sharing and technology.

We are creating - not only the content, but the way it is viewed, delivered, stored and shared. The great shift has occured and the power is now in the peoples hands - well mostly, there are still the big wigs out there with hired departments to keep up with what most of us do everyday.

We are the bloggers, the pingers, the stublin fools, the beboer, and the squidooies. Up in arms with the strength of millions of words - spreading the truth through all of our new social media mediums.

Looking over the stats, the numbers among our social ranks are staggering. - and those of you bright internet marketers out there are morphing into a strange new breed.

I would not be the first to coin it social marketing, which was originally defined as something totally different- but so close to our grasp we can attain.

The suggestion has been made that we also support the original sense of the term social marketing. Using our social media effort in an integrated agenda to better the world with our marketing.

It can be done, and it will not take away from anyones hard earned internet income. We can change the world through its people. One smiling profile pic at a time and also by the thousands. Make your friends, posts, comments, uploads and file sharing count, send a message, and find a way to improve lives with less then the time it takes to check a facebook profile.

Keep your eye out for more material from me, I am going to find a way...

An automated way to improve the world through marketing, social marketing, and I am gonna show you easy ways you can do it too.

And, it should be as easy as adding a song to your profile ;)

-if you don't know how to do that, no worries - I'll make you a video

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